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  • Attorney Corporate Portrait 1

    Attorney Corporate Portrait

    Attorney Corporate Portrait The attorney corporate portrait is best described as formal yet approachable in style. That is what my aim is when on assignment for a law firm. Here are examples of my work to do just that along with nice comments from my client. “I have personally known Michael for over 10 years…


  • Lynn University Debate Photo-shoot 3

    Lynn University Debate Photo-shoot

    Lynn University Debate Photo-shoot All is set for tonight’s debate at Lynn University here is the setup for the photo shoot. and the background with the Lynn University Logo and the debate logo. and the venue time sensitive parts were covered here. a closeup of the background


  • The Best Definitive Corporate Portrait: Robert Sims 4

    The Best Definitive Corporate Portrait: Robert Sims

    Corporate Portrait: Robert Sims, Senior Vice President Bank of Virginia 2012 Mr. Robert Sims has been appointed as Senior Vice President – Retail Banking of Bank of Virginia, effective 04 October 2012. Mr. Sims has served in senior retail and marketing positions at Chittenden Bank, NBT Bank and First Tennessee Bank.


  • Google Executive photo-shoot 5

    Google Executive photo-shoot

    Recently I photographed Google executive Greg Page. During the shoot, Mr. Page was very gracious with his time. He requested the background of the image be of the Google Logo colors and we “Googled” (LOL!) some sample images of other execs in order to get the right look for mine. Naturally the portable background I…


  • Hello world! 6

    Hello world!

    Hello world! My name is Michael B. Lloyd. I have been a commercial photographer for over 20 years and have had my website MichaelBLloyd.com, for slightly less than that as well, but now I am creating an additional website in order to sell my Fine Art Photography. So this is another addition, my collection of…


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