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Capturing Awesome Magazine Cover Photo Shoot Content 4 Things to Consider


Magazine Cover Photo shoot

Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

Magazine Cover Photo shoot
Aaron LoCascio Greenlane Founder Photo: Michael B. Lloyd (©2020 mg Magazine)

When capturing images for a Magazine, you have to keep in mind all the details for final use. Communication with the editors prior to the shoot, during and post shoot is essential. Keeping them happy and well informed at all stages is the key to a successful Magazine Cover Photo Shoot.

1. Magazine Cover Photo Shoot: The Layout

First things first: get the layout, knowing how your images will be presented is paramount. Looking at previous editions is also very helpful in order to get the feel of the magazine itself. Here is where the rule of thirds may work against you if you don’t include the magazine elements such as the title and head lines etc.

Obviously a vertical (portrait) format is what is basically needed here so if you are someone who always tends to shoot horizontal (landscape) for the sake of capturing more, now will be a good time to shoot outside the box sorta speak.   Allowing for lots of room around the subject for the editors and ultimately the reader is your goal. You also have to consider the interiors or the images on the inside of the magazine, the editorial section. These images can be either vertical or horizontal but above al else they must convey a “hero” feel of your subject.

MG Magazine Blog on Greenlane
Aaron LoCascio Greenlane Founder Photo: Michael B. Lloyd (©2020 mg Magazine)

2. Magazine Cover Photo Shoot: Plan ahead

During a shoot, while knowing what the constraints are, goes a long way in achieving powerful and outstanding Magazine Cover Photo shoot Content. MG Magazine is a national magazine based in Los Angeles and they are instantly recognized for their “MG” Logo an the top left of the cover, so I made sure to leave plenty of space there. When you initially see your images like this, they tend to look like your composition was poor because there is so much blank space all around but once you see the final Magazine Cover with the logo and graphics from the editors, you see how it all works out.




3. Magazine Cover Photo Shoot: MG Magazine Video

Mg Magazine also requested a behind the scenes video in order to ad more content to their piece. Video is a great way to add meaningful content to interested readers. Here we shared the process of the shoot and now a days we also demonstrated that due to Covid19 we used special car painting powered masks (not medical masks) which Arron made a point in complementing us on. Setting your subject/ client  at ease is always a plus for a favorable shoot experience and shooting in the time of a pandemic the more you can do the better.

4. Magazine Cover Photo Shoot: Powerful Portraits

Showing your subject in a powerful way is also very important, not just the formatting for the graphics. This is not only achieved by what i mentioned above but styling, grooming and posing your subject goes a long way to complete the whole project. We asked Arron to bring plenty of wardrobe and together with my styling and grooming team we presented Arron in a very powerful, confident and charismatic spotlight.


Photo: Michael B. Lloyd (©2020 mg Magazine) Aaron LoCascio Greenlane Founder
Photo: Michael B. Lloyd (©2020 mg Magazine) Aaron LoCascio Greenlane Founder


Magazine Cover Photo Shoot: Social Media

Social media is also a powerful way to promote your services for Magazine Cover Photo shoot Content. Showing how you actually do your work gives you powerful “street cred” and gives your clients added confidence in your ability to preform.




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